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Are you satisfied with your relationships or do you wish for them to be better?

Relationships, marriage, parenting, and sometimes even just life can be hard. It can feel overwhelming. Or even just irritating, like when you have a small pebble in your shoe. It isn’t always a huge challenge or obstacle, but sometimes even the smallest things can take up so much of our attention and emotional bandwidth. Do you often find yourself asking questions like - Am I connecting with my partner in meaningful ways? Am I parenting my children well and helping them grow into healthy, responsible humans? Am I living my life how I want to be living it or am I just hanging on and hoping it will all get better eventually? 

A River in France

Family Coaching is a collaborative process focused on you and your family as we work together, using research-based strategies, to achieve your goals. You and your family have the capacity to grow, change, and heal. Wherever you are on the journey there is hope. 


“A family resilience approach seeks to understand how all families, in their diversity, can survive and regenerate even under overwhelming stress. It affirms the family potential for self-repair and growth out of crisis and challenge” (Strengthening Family Resilience, Walsh, 2016, p. 16). 

Services Offered

Helping you reach your relationship goals

We offer all of our coaching services online via Google Meet. Life is busy and meeting online allows you to make efficient use of your time. Kat also offers In-Home coaching to individuals who live locally. The In-Home Coaching rate includes mileage and travel from our office. 


Josiah is not currently taking on any other individual coaching clients; please email if you would like to be added to his wait-list. Josiah and Kat do have Premarital Coaching appointments available.

If you are ready to begin your journey towards reaching your goals in your relationship, click below to schedule your free 30-minute Initial Consultation.

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